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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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boston resident this virus is spreading. zika is spread by mosquitoes. it is not known to be spread from person-to-person. zika is suspected of being behind the birth of babies with abnormally small heads. outbreaks have occurred in africa, southeast asia, south america, the pacific islands. the cdc is encouraging pregnant women to avoid travel to countries where the zika virus is circulating. the u.n. is saying there could be up the four main cases in the americas over the next year. a person was diagnosed , a person from boston, but did not contracted here. the state expects more time as it goes on. the species of mosquitoes that transmits the is rarely found in boston. they are warning pregnant women are people trying to get
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j.c.: breaking news in framingham where 13 students have taken to the hospital following a school bus crash. sky 5 over the scene a short time ago. the crash involving a car happened at lyman and edgell roads. ed: police tell newscenter 5 the bus was coming from dunning elementary school. all of the injuries are described as minor. under arrest in connection with a shooting and stabbing in brookline. let' s get to newscenter 5' s jack harper live at beth israel where the suspects were just arraigned. >> three people involved in this melee are hospitalized. police say two suspects down, two to go. a hospital bed arraignment for corey wilcox, charged in the attack. >> [indiscernible] he was hit in the head with a
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>> police sa for men entered, a confrontation beginning in the for your, guns, knives, and then it went into one of the rooms. >> 190 eight street paul street. >> this man was shot several times. a police officer turned to get saved his life. >> victim, five gunshot wounds to the leg nude -- leg. >> the person who lives at 198th street was targeted. >> the foursome left the apartment and this rental car, since recovered in boston. the two men dumped near an ambulance, where emts went to work. >> we know there are at least two other individuals that have something to do with this that
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>> the second suspect, antonio brown junior from dorchester, also at the hospital, too ill to be arraigned at this time. the search for the other two continues. j.c.: another mile day, but we all have to prepare for changes. harvey: anytime tomorrow, often on. for the most part, snow will be in the air. i couldn' t rule out a tiny accumulation. j.c.: it' s too warm, right? harvey: speaking of warm, look at the country. if i sure do this and did not tell you what the calendar said, i don' t think you would say january for most of the country with temperatures like this. it let' s you know that the cold air is locked up to the north, and much of the country is mild. for now, we are slightly above normal. let' s talk about the immediate situation.
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there is room to drop to freezing in boston tonight and early tomorrow, and along the coast. there is moisture that will flirt with our coastline towards tomorrow morning. let' s jump ahead, this could be either rain or wet snow brushing southeastern massachusetts on the cape. could be a tiny amount of/. all through the day, there could be additional snow showers are rain showers. keep that in mind, even though storm. boston around or above freezing i would tell you about changes while. ed: he' island' s capital city through revitalization but his legacy is corruption charges. newscenter 5' s janet wu is live in providence tonight.
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his personality, political career, and legacy. >> how are you? thank you. >> he was elected mayor six times, but resigned twice after felony convictions, once for assaulting his estranged wife' s lover, and once for federal racketeering charges. the last one put him in prison for over four years. >> they all do it. >> he was the prince of providence. >> i' ve been in and out, and back in again. >> he was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, but his nephew said he looked great when he saw him last week. last night, while taping his weekly lead or show, he was carried off the set because of stomach pain, taken to the hospital, where he died this morning. >> he was a hands-on politician, but the closest to what you see now is a donald trump. nobody did it better than buddy.
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he will be greatly missed by a lot of people. >> the former mayor is credited with rebuilding providence into the city it is today. his restaurant reserved his favorite today. what is his legacy? >> what he did for this town. this place. i don' t think anybody could ever do that. >> you' re looking at providence' s flag at half staff at city hall. his family flew in from around the country today, meeting at this hour, and funeral arrangements will be announced later this evening. j.c.: commitment 2016, the republican presidential candidates meet on the debate stage for a final time tonight before the iowa caucuses. our phil lipof is live in des des moines -- des moines. phil, this is a big opportunity
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>> this is a huge opportunity. it looks like it will happen. as we speak, donald trump is two miles away at drake university, setting up shop for an event he plans to hold opposite the debate tonight. the iowa event center is packed, security and media, but you can feel the excitement. the seventh gop debate promises to be the most talked about, in part because donald trump said he will not be here. there is a feud with fox news and moderator megyn kelly. fox news is not thrilled with that decision. is there a possibility you could change her mind? >> for sure. >> it could still influence my decision. i plan on watching the debate and taking that into consideration for caucus on monday. >> both janel and austin say a strong showing tonight could
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all the candidates hope they can change some minds tonight. something that hasn' t happened in iowa for the caucuses over the last several elections, college is in session. that is a big deal for the voters and will affect a nice debate and the caucuses on monday. we will have more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. ed: our coverage continues with the republican candidates approaching this debate differently since the frontrunner will not be on the stage. newscenter 5' s sally kidd has more on what voters can expect tonight. >> donald trump will be a no-show. >> i was not treated fairly. >> the show will go on. >> i' m sure they will trump' s manhood. >> the gop front runner skipping the debate because he says he has been treated unfairly by fox
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competing event, a rally for veterans. >> we will raise a lot of money for the vets. >> trump is counting on the notion that a lot of people will tune out once they see he has not walked on stage because they are far less interested in the show when the master of the media, the apprentice guy, is not going to be on stage. >> his rivals past. >> he has been a progressive democrat. i was wondering if he was going to show up in the democratic debates. >> trust me, they will go after after ted cruz, marco rubio. >> the debate becomes -- comes days before the critical iowa caucuses. >> voters are still educating themselves. voters have not tuned in much. they have watched donald trump, a sideshow, but they are candidates.
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want any of the money raised tonight. the head of iraq and afghanistan veterans of america calls the event a political stunt. j.c.: a violent rampage in norton, a man accused of killing his estranged wife. martin mcdonald went before a judge earlier today. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in norton tonight, sera? >> the new details revealed showed a bloody crime scene inside the apartment, and when police arrived, they found for children, all of them in tears. martin mcdonald appearing in court, accused of killing his estranged wife. she was found beaten and strangled to death in her home yesterday. mcdonald first hit her, then took out a knife, stabbing her in the face and abdomen.
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of any trouble between the couple. >> he was always outside playing with the kids. how can you take three children' s mother away from them? it is just horrible. it is horrifying. >> prosecutors say that after killing her, mcdonald drove and cause a head-on crash on 495. he told the responding trooper at that scene, i just killed my wife. a rhode island woman was injured and treated and released at the hospital. mcdonald is being held without bail. ed: tonight a deal to drop efforts to kill the wind casino -- wynn casino. $25 million going to road upgrades to help congestion. wynn will spend $20 million a year to do business with boston
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>> we can actually speed up the conversation and get some -- something concrete and move forward. ed: that casino is scheduled to open in two years from now. j.c.: a medical history. ed: the sudden symptoms over taking passengers. >> the search continues for three california inmates. ed: breaking news, the first case of zika virus confirmed in massachusetts. the person who has the virus is a boston resident who travel to
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announcer: you are watching news center five at 5:00. >> the manhunt continues for daring escape. the southern california jail friday, plate, crawled through plumbing tunnels, and repelled down the sheets. police say they could not have made the tools to cut through the metal themselves. >> we certainly believe that point. while we continue to look at the possibility that there was inside help, we do not know that yet. minds to that possibility. >> five people arrested in connection with the escape, more expected. paris today. hundreds of taxi drivers marched through central paris angrily shouting and waving flags.
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around taxis not participating in the strike yelling at drivers , and kicking their cars. the strike turned ugly earlier this week prompting riot police , to fire tear gas at protestors. ed: a mystery illness triggers chaos on an alley-bound flight forced to return to heathrow after flight attendants and crew members got sick midflight. one of them collapse. paramedics checked out the patience and release them. american airlines doing a thorough check of the plane itself, but it is not clear what caused the crew to get sick. take a look at these pictures from florida, clean-up efforts underway after a tornado touched down. the twister overturned cars and tractor trailers yesterday uprooting trees and triggering , thousands of power outages. the bulk of the damage happened at an industrial park in pompano beach. more severe weather, including
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,j.c.: tornadoes are unusual this time of year. >> next week, a warm storm for us, but may be severe weather with that and other parts of the country. j.c.: even in late january. >> look behind us. that storm coming out of the gulf, moving along the coast. that will brush our area tomorrow. j.c.: it gets colder at the same time. >> yes. how about this? look at what we have gained. we are getting close to groundhog day. the sunset will be at 5:00. that is early next week. that is a pretty looking sky, is nice. 39 in boston. strong. readings around the region.
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readings around the region, everywhere in the 30' s at this hour. temperatures drop back tonight. clouds are thin, but thickening up late tonight. temperatures tomorrow will be above freezing tomorrow. we do have the risk of off and on flurries for rain showers. when the precipitation falls. it could be snow , and the temperature could cool down. then it stops and the bit. that is the situation tomorrow. starting to see an increase in clouds from the south. that is that storm we just showed you as it pulls out of the gulf and tries to make a run up the coast. the actual track is for offshore. it is joining forces to some extent, or being influenced , not joining completely together, but influenced by this system. that will help to generate precipitation in eastern
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borderline temperatures and not heavy precipitation amounts. there could be a brief burst where the rain or wet snow comes down harder. the high pressure takes over. here is a look at future cast, clouds thicken up tonight. a mix of precipitation southeastern massachusetts and the cape. that means rain or wet snow, not looking for ice in this situation. in eastern massachusetts through the day, there could be some wet snow or rain showers around. it early saturday, clouds back later on saturday. not looking for a lot of accumulation. most of it will be to the north along coastal maine, southeast, but there could be a slushy coating on some services in our area sometime during the day
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flurries and showers tomorrow. milder. sunday, look at the bounce up s showers. what i want you to notice is that we will see above average temperatures take hold. with a rain storm likely wednesday, so that looks to be a tracking west. after that, temperatures cool down, but it will be as slow enough process so that thursday while cooler than wednesday will still be above average. i think we get back to average after that. j.c.: that is pretty mild. let' s skip ahead to the summer, shall we? another concert to add to you summer concert list. coldplay' s a head full of dream' s tour will take over gillette stadium july 30. the tour is the band' s first in four years. tickets go on sale to the general public next friday, february 5.
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worry about, memory loss. jc: up next, new research that reveals a troubling pattern when it comes to forgetfulness. and what we can do change it. ed: barbie is getting a makeover. the highly-praised new version of the iconic doll hitting store shelves. then new at 6:00 -- >> i went out and one of the boats to help save the people. jc: the surviving member of the coast guard crew who' s heroic rescue is now a blockbuster new movie tells us just how accurate
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our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ed: today president obama signed a memorandum today creating a white house task force dedicated
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vice president joe biden, whose son beau died from cancer, will lead the panel which will meet monday for the first time. the vice president has said he plans to seek out both private and public resources. j.c.: three in four americans age 45 and older who have memory problems don' t bring it up at their medical visit. memory loss is not necessarily a normal part of aging. it may be an important side, -- sign, especially if it appears in younger people. many fear outsiders so much that they choose not to speak of memory loss. some forms of do have a solution. in this study, those who mention their forgetfulness were more likely to get treatment. exercise is key when it comes to women going through menopause. a new study finds women who are physically active have less severe menopause symptoms than women who are not. the study surveyed 3,500 women going through menopause. those who did not exercise were
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symptoms, including hot flashes, irritability, and insomnia. ed: claims the popular fitbit does not work. j.c.: the lawsuit being filed against the maker calling it a fraud. ed: thousands of fake hoverboards seized at an airport. how investigators say they were being passed off as the real
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announcer: wcvb editorial. >> starkly contrasting examples of a divided government, a bipartisan lovefest illustrated the state of the commonwealth polarizing and awkward state of the union. is it any wonder that americans question government. major new chip companies like general electric have picked up on a palpable enthusiasm. mayor walsh and governor baker enumerated there, schmitz and cooperation crystallize by the account that ge could see an inch of daylight between boston' s democratic mayor and massachusetts republican governor. the attacker are -- to tackle our long to do lists, they need to nurture the relationship to complete the cycle.
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out an agenda to fight the opioid epidemic , taking a lead on clean energy generation, and lifting the cap on charter schools. missing perhaps were more candid reflections on other pressing concerns. neither leader sufficiently address the crippling infrastructure issues, traffic congestion, and dangerous bridges. especially in the seaport district are the focus of so much excitement and urban growth. while team management and transparency has improved, we are in for a long ride before we arrived at a public transportation system that can adequately service state needs. the challenges loom large, but if leaders can remain focused on solutions and not partisan politics, victories will come. we can only hope our bipartisan spirit will infect presidential candidates stumping in new
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